Long Range Telemetry system for use in Europe

I’m trying to build an UAV for operation at sea, and with a max range of 200km. Is there any telemetry system that i can use for these conditions?
It is supposed to “land” at the sea for data measurements, so i know that a LoS telemetry system is not viable. I tried to search for 4G and wifi telemetry systems, but i dont have enough background of this area in terms of reachable range.
Is there any viable solution?


What kind of bandwidth?
Sat phone is the only viable option for reliable 2 way comms.

A SPOT tracker is a cheap option for one way status reports.

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@ogulbrandsen has done something similar. He might have a tip or two.
Other then that, not sure how far ut cellular range out on sea…
If official network doesnt work, i would think low bandwidth to be the best option and a flight hight around 500m for it to work.

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any particular reasons it has to fly to the destination?
I’m thinking boat drone and simplex low bandwidth communication.

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