Logs showing 0 bytes and some disappeared

Some of my older logs disappeared and most showing 0 bytes. I have downloaded some of them, but this is quite a bad thing to happen.
I updated RS2 firmware from 31.3 to 31.8, but problem is still there.
Logging memory is still quite full 11,7 Gb of 12,3 Gb so I know there are data somewhere.
Any help?

This probably isn’t any help since you updated to 31.8 AFTER the problem?

Hi @j.aho,

Welcome back to the community!

When it comes to the logs, our firmware updates address future functionality, and they don’t have an impact on existing data.

Can you send a Full System report to the support@emlid.com? I’d like to look closer into your case to see if your issue has been already addressed in our newest firmware.