Lapping log created hundreds of files

I started both of my RS2+ receivers on a pair of monuments to run simultaneously but independently. Both had identical settings, including logging 5hr intervals. When I checked on them after 10 hours, the first 5hr log was fine (and got back a good results) but the second 5hr interval recorded hundreds of individual files (as many as 1373 files on one receiver) that were all 0mb in size and appeared to only last a second each. Has anyone had a problem with this? More importantly, how did you fix it?

Make sure u updated to latest firmware which i think they recently fixed?

I noticed something like this in the past with a M2 using an external battery bank.

Once the battery depleted almost at the very end of capacity charge. Hundreds of files were created as the voltage was dropping then eventually stopped.

I actually just updated back to the latest after reverting to 30.0 to troubleshoot a different problem. The battery had 5 dots and ran down to 3 over the 10 hours.

Hello Jared,

As Tim mentioned, we have released the 31.8 firmware version to address the creation of multiple logs instead of one.

Can you perform a full battery test and send results to We will investigate and check for anything unusual.

  1. Leave the unit discharging until it shuts down completely.
  2. Leave RS2 on an overnight charge (at least 9 hours)
  3. Disconnect the charge. Wait until Reach fully discharges and turns off itself.
  4. Connect the power supply and turn on Reach.
  5. Download a Full System report and send it to