Localization in Emlid Flow

Hi everyone!

Meet the long-awaited feature in Emlid Flow. Survey plan now supports localization. It’s helpful when you don’t have the precise parameters of the local coordinate system your project should conform to, but you have the known points in that CS. Just measure these points with Reach and apply localization in Emlid Flow.

You can add 2 or more points with horizontal, vertical, or both coordinates. The app chooses the calibration algorithm that provides the best accuracy. The workflow is straightforward.

Add control points:

  • Create a project and choose your CS and vertical datum.
  • Add pairs of Control points (in local CS) and Measured points. Import them or enter manually.
  • Choose Add localization.

Review the results:

  • All residuals are placed on a single screen. If they don’t match your requirements, turn on/off horizontal, vertical, or both coordinates for each pair. The residuals will be recalculated in real-time.
  • Preview the parameters of the resulting coordinate system and apply it to the project. Your existing points will be recalculated as well.


Explore the detailed guide in our Docs.

Try the localization feature with the free 30-day subscription to Survey Plan.


FINALLY!!! :smiley:

ok, now we need Rotate Translate and Scale!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


By rotate do you mean to work in landscape and portrait? Running a 10 in tablet in portrait doesn’t work well.

YES SIR! Writing the proposal to my company now!


That’s what localization is!

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:heart_eyes: :crazy_face: The emoji’s available are insufficient for the level of gratitude I would like to express. I have been using Emlid localization on a 100ac campus for the last couple of weeks and points are spot on with what the PLS that we hire is shooting with their Trimble.


It’s a bit more control beyond Localization.

Basically say you get a CAD file WITHOUT any sort of control or global coordinate system. It also comes in at a wacked out scale, you can SCALE those objects down or up to match real world scale. Then say you need to TRANSLATE the center point to the center somewhere on site (or any point)… but also you want to ROTATE it say 30 degrees? Voila!

Microsurvey FieldGenius does all this btw.

This sounds like you would be receiving some data like I have never seen before. Are you talking about scaling units? IE from inch to feet or meters? In my world that is a CAD problem. Localization takes care of control networks that have scale factors applied, a scaling from origin. As long as the relative dimensions between the points are close to the same it just translates the scaled coordinate value to the base CRS value and applies a new geographic coordinate.


No. Scaling all the imported points and linework itself. i.e. original design created/exported at scale 1/8" = 1’-0" vs 1:1 real world scale. So have to scale design up 96x to 1:1.

Basically, arbitrary designs created in various design software using basic cartesian coordinates or importing vector PDF files where everything is wack.

Interesting. Localization should apply a scale factor and rotation to take care of units but linework, vectors and rasters is a completely different animal. I’m going to try something just to see what happens but I think you’re looking for Emlid Flow Survey+ CAD Edition. :rofl:


That’s why I use FieldGenius :wink: Emlid Flow has a veeeerrrry looooooong way to go.

I just took one of my CAD files and converted it to meters, re-created the local points and inserted them into my localized project. I then removed all the existing pairs and repaired the located points with the metric CAD points and horizontal localized near perfectly. The elevations are off because I converted them as well. If I had left them in feet they would have matched.

You can then verify, the date applied the appropriate scale factor, so translation, scaling and rotation, are all taken care of.

So I guess that comes down to you wanting to be able to take different sources of information with different origin coordinates and combine them in flow itself?

Oh, and here’s the original localization.


Yeah, i need to be able to do “custom” Rotate Transform Scale (RTS) in the field either seperatly, all at once, or combination.

I like how it shows the Inclined Plane data when holding to more than 1 vertical!

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I can just envision you doing all the arbitrary movement on a phone or tablet, lol.

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Might be a good idea to make one of your wonderful videos for this very useful feature. Emlid is top notch in every way. ; )

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Way to go Emlid , Thanks for this very important feature , now we can do most of our layout with importing cad files with just this app . Thank You


This will be super useful for people looking to match into localized site control. :+1: