Let's see your DIY M2, LoRa, Rover Pole & Base setup!

Post details too! I.e. external battery, antennas, cabling, enclosures, 3D printed enclosures, mounts & parts, etc.

This goes for M+ also!

Thanks!!! : )


Here is the thread that I did some time ago about my M2 base station setup. Pictures and particulars are in there.


Here’s mine for static use. Receiver and battery in blue bag. I’ve since changed antennas to Harxon GNSS 500 as they are in NGS’s calibrated list for post processing. I’ve got two LoRa radios but I haven’t had the time to experiment with them due to my back issues.


Very convenient and i put the rest in a bag. It is not whether proof but i can live with that…!


Yep, that is a cool mount for a tripod ! Looks like you made the length of the rod an even measurement for the ARP. I don’t work in the rain either !

Stumbled across this. Seems for a few more bucks, might as well just get a RS2.

“New modular GNSS receiver Geobox ForaFIX” Новый модульный GNSS приемник Geobox ForaFIX


Check this project out by @jzeph89 !!! ; )

Building my own RTK for land Survey 90% in progress

Another nice Emlid DIY!

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