Leica GS 14 vs EMLID RS2+

Just FYI, I have been working for over a year now with a Leica GS 14 and 20+ satellites and an RS2+ with 25+ satellites. both localized from grid to ground. And I get the same horizontal and vertical on every shot. +/- 0.02’ or better.
I also get fewer hiccups with the RS2+ like getting a fix promptly.


Both using Local NTRIP RTK


I think the Leica has better built-in send/receive UHF radios for longer distance than LoRa. (RS3 receive only UHF).

Also hot-swappable battery.

Sounds like future models should incorporate this along with L5 etc, built-in camera for AR staking, laser distancing / with Tilt for remote point collection. Hell might as well throw LiDAR on it! ; )

But yes, overall for the money, ecosystem, and matching precision, Emlid much better value depending on one’s needs.


Hi @mcwllc702,

Thank you for sharing your findings! We’re glad to hear everything is working.

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