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When is Emlid releasing a new image with the latest Ardupilot firmware?

Hi @Barry_Bolton,

I’m afraid, we can’t provide you with any timelines for now.

OK seems I need to build myself then. Thanks

Arducopter 3.6.10 is available here but there is a bug in it and Navio2 version doesn’t launch.

3.6.9 is OK except Oneshot125 not working (with every 3.6.x). I had to downgrade to 3.5.7 in order to use oneshot125 with my KV370 T-Motor and 15" props due to loss of synchro with 3.6.9 standard PWM RC out.

Oh no. Ok then lets stick to what works then.

Hello Marc

Can you please once explain how to get the downloaded firmware 3.6.9 on the edge.

Thanks very much.



Hi Harald,

I can help with Navio2 latest arducopter installation (3.6.9) with Oneshot125 limitation (not working) but I am waiting for new Emlid Edge image with an updated QGroundControl for Edge.

Edge is dependant of QGroundControl for Edge and I’m not confident version 3.2.4 is fine with latest arducopter 3.6.9.

I had bad experience trying to install 3.6.x on my Edge (no way to swap SD card to revert to stable configuration).


More information for Dev Team:

3.7.0 (dev version) doesn’t launch on Navio2 (same problem as 3.6.10),

I had access to a log from a Oneshot125 user. Oneshot125 is OK with 3.6.10 on another arducopter compatible card.



Thanks, @mlebret!

It’s noted as well.

Hello Barry, can you tell us how is your project? Are you building yourself? Can you share your thoughts? Are you running the latest firmware?

If positive, i would like to know how to build myself too. I appreciate your help.

Well at this stage I am not too happy with the Navio2.

I have had constant crashes with my Navio 2 and it seems to be related to connecting something to the USB ports. It flies really nicely when there is nothing connected to the USB port. However, when I connect my wifi extender to the USB port it seems to either have issues with the drivers or there are some power issues. Had a crash yesterday. So going to add a powered usb hub to the system and connect the wifi extender too that and see if it helps.

Hey there,

Usually, most issues with Navio2 are caused by incorrect hardware setup and power supply. Building a drone is not an easy and straightforward process.

Barry, please keep us updated regarding your further tests in this thread.

I am also having problems with Navio. I am trying to find a solution and i really dont know what i can do to fix it. I am always waiting for Emlid. I wish you the best.

Hi @dsmoura,

Please create the new thread with a detailed description of your issue with Navio+ so we can help you to resolve it.


What is the issue dsmoura