Laser rangefinder offset with bluetooth?

Question for the beautiful Emlid user community:

Is it possible to connect the Reach RS over Bluetooth with a laser rangefinder to generate a offset points?

I have access to a TruPulse 360B laser rangefinder with GPS integration capabilities. We’ve used this unit in the past to collect offset points with a Trimble GPS. Can the Reach RS support this kind of offset internally, or would I need to figure out a more involved approach like @TB_RTK demonstrated in their post? Any suggestions for someone getting started with this process?

Thanks for your feedback!

There is a second approach i`m been dying to carry out. If you stick around there should be post a about soon.
Just need to glue the rest of my lego to the plane :flushed:


Here`s a teaser btw.


Looks like a party! Can’t wait to hear about it!

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Hey @TB_RTK, how’s the testing going? :smiley:

Sorry, been busy. One of these days i hope :blush:

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Not a problem at all! Thanks for sharing your experimentation and RTK wizardry on the forum! :sparkles: :mage:

Done! :grinning:

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