Land Survey Possible? post process?

You just have to check the resolution and accuracy of the phase measurement on the u-Blox chipset. Normally a surveying grade GNSS board has a phase measurement RMS of 0,2 mm ā€¦ if you multiply by 10 ( 3 x 3 for 99% confidence etc, ā€¦) you will end up with 2 mm which is what they quote in the specification. For sure u-Blox is attractive because mass production but the outcome (and I first tested u-Blox Antaris in 2006 using Leica RTK of Spider software) is they will never fix something that starts to hit the surveying business. We had a lot of issue with half cycle slips and they were not concerned while u-Blox and Leica are Swiss based companies.

any word on the tutorials?

What kind of tutorial do you need?

Data can be post-processed, getting logs is actually very straightforward using Reach View. We are preparing a tutorial how to post-process raw data logs. No code writing is required for that.

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Im propably not the right man for this job as i dont know all there is to know about settings and how they affect data in rtklib.
Have you tried post processing raw files?

not yet, just had my reach kit about a week, managed to hook both up and get a fix for several hours, I am a surveyor in Arkansas, (US) and familiar with GPS, I purchased a yuneec Typhooh H last summer and have had limited success with post processing the images online and using them on our surveys.

I am currently wanting to custom build a drone and incorporate RTK accuracy into the Images

For our surveying, we upload our log files to OPUS and they process and send back real world coordinates (Solutions)

Iā€™m thinking if I understood more about RTKlib I might could learn something I could use in the traditional surveying as well as with the drone.

Mike, you could start from post-processing docs and RTKLIB manual.

Hello sir, actually am not getting how to set Antenna height? i am measuring from building roof to bottom of REACH-RS. so it is correct for measuring antenna height? or i should calculate from sea level? and how much time it take comes in fix mode sir? please help me out.thank you

Usually, you put the height between Reach RS bottom and the point you want to measure. If getting fixed solution is taking more than 10 minutes, something is wrong with your configuration or environment.

what is the difference between message types of 1002,1006,1010 vs 1005 1077,1087?

Hi, take a look here to learn about RTCM messages:

Does these formats 1002,1006,1010 works in UBLOX?

if i select RTCM messages 1005,1077,1087 than what will occur? Does it works?

How about Cambodia country? Which satellite combination are beneficial?

Hello sir, How to plot the graph by collected data in LLH format? i have collected data in LLH format so i want to analyze the collected data so can you tell me ?
Thank you

you can use RTKLib to do that.

Please take a look here:

For REACH i have collected data in NMEA format and base correction in RTCM3,so i need to find accuracy so how?

Hello sir, how to see in google earth map by using RTKPLOT software?

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