Issues with Reach 26 Update

After updating to Reach 26 I’m having numerous issues with my RS2 units. The data connection between mobile device (iPad and/or iPhone) has slowed down by orders of magnitude, making it very difficult to see what the unit status etc. is. This has made it impossible to use the ‘Survey’ function as the mobile connection cannot transmit collect/accept instructions to the unit in a reasonable time. I’m stuck writing down acquisition times manually that’ll I’ll have to pick out of the .LLH files. Additionally, the audio fix/float indicators for the rover unit are not working despite maximum volume setting.

I’m disappointed that I can’t downgrade the firmware to a working version, 26 was supposedly stable but obviously isn’t.

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Hi Collin,

Please, share the Full System report from the device so that we can look into what can be a reason for such behavior. Note that the report may contain sensitive information, so it’d be better if you send it to

Having very similar issues sending report as well

That is one of the only downfalls I have seen with the Emlid receivers. I know from other brand GPS components, sometimes the latest and greatest firmware doesn’t work for diddly in your application. With most, you can go back to a previous version.

I guess my 'feature request would be not mandate an update.

I have updated my M2/RS2 but really haven’t utilized them since. Reading all the issues with novice and experienced users, I am beginning to think perhaps I shouldn’t have.

I am not sure about the RS2, but I was able to reverse an update on my older Reach RS units (Edison), but with help from someone VERY experienced here. I couldn’t tell you how to do it again, but Emlid support should be able to if you talk to them I would think.

You have to use a terminal app and SSH into the unit to do it.

Honestly, I don’t think Emlid wants everyone doing this, to avoid a mess. For the most part, their approach works fine, and if a problem, they get right on it. But yes, the ability to reverse an update would be nice if easy to do in order to keep working as before.

The strange part is the RS2 seemed to work really well for a bit then went all nuts.
Going to roto till the garden tonight so I will see if the M2 pulls any weird fits.

You apparently didn’'t get the 2.5" of rain we got today.