Issues with enabling mobile data

Interesting. I just got a Ting card and I too am struggling with sharing the data connection. I just got the SIM card though so I don’t know if it worked with previous firmware.
I haven’t been able to get more than 3G (the SIM card supports 4G and 5G), and reception drops off quickly in some areas with reduced coverage.
Also the APN field (in the Mobile window) never populates.
My understanding is Ting uses T-Mobile and now that Sprint is joining T-Mobile they’ll soon have a much larger GSM network.
I’m still running 2.24.2

I have had the same issues with using mobile phone shared hotspot. I have found that using a 2nd / 3rd party carrier it will not receive the corrections even though its just data. My theory is that they limit some types of data on different bands. My work around for this is to buy a mobile hotspot that creates its own network. The SIM I use is a Verizon. Never had an issue since doing this.

Hi Nico,

Thanks for your patience! I’ve deleted your system report from a public section of the forum as it might contain some sensitive data. We’ll take a look at it to find why you might be having issues.

Reach RS2 receiver is capable of working with 3G only.

Hi Sam,

Please share the Full System Report from your device with me in PM.

Hi guys,

Please update your receivers to the latest 26 firmware release. We have improved the handling of the cellular data so it should resolve your issues with mobile data sharing. The full list of fixes and improvements is available in this thread.

It’d be great to hear if the new update solves the issue for you.

Thanks im testing v26 now.
Also I switched from to T-Mobile prepaid sim and the problems have resolved.
Thank you

Thanks for the update! Glad to know it works!

In case you face the same issues again, feel free to start a new thread or reach out to us via