Can i use x8r and x9d at navio 2?

HI i have Navio2
i will build quadcopter,and i will use this RC and controller
RC is :X8R

controller is TARANIS_X9

i think this product can support CPPM, so i do not need any converter or any product?


Yip. I use X8R for the receiver and Taranis X9D for TX. Just send the SBUS out on the X8R to the PPM on the Navio2.


I am currently doing this but my Navio 2 is not getting any input. I do see signal come out of the x8r but when I run RCInput all I get are 0’s. also no data input on Mission Planner.

oh… Navio2 can not receive any data for X8r?

How did you solve the problem?
and what product did you use?


Are you connecting it like this?

Green is signal from the x8r.


Yep have mine connected just like that.

jhjh54 I have yet to solve the problem

How do you see the signal coming out of the X8R?

I have a logic analyzer.

Long shot but maybe worth checking… What modes are set in the X8R when binding. These can be set by powering up with jumpers in specific positions. Nicely described here:

I have it in mode 5 should I try mode 4?

I would give 3 or 4 a try. I can’t remember what mine for the navio is on. Think it is a long shot but worth a try! Good luck!


Good day all,
Sorry forgot to reply, Rodger it worked fantastic thank you so much.

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Thanks for posting it! Closing the thread.