Issue with point import

I’m kind of new to surveying and working with Emlid. I’m trying to import a series of points into ReachView to then use the "stake out " feature. The problem is whenever I try to manually enter the points or upload a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in CSV format I get an error: “At least one coordinate is out of range. Point position: rows 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.”

To be honest I don’t know the actual elevation of the points, that’s just an estimate. Do I need to put in the real elevations for each one, based on a GIS?

Not sure if this will help?

I’m doing this on a laptop in a browser window. Do I need to do it from a phone or tablet?

It looks as if latitude and longitude are in the wrong order in your list, therefore the values in the latitude column will be out of range.


I think it’s correct.

Edit, yeah may be backwards. Are you near Midland TX?

I’m in north-eastern Australia.

Ok, then it’s not backwards… or flipped around.

Oops, sorry, not me…!

Latitudes in the list above are definitely out of range though…

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If near Midland TX, their lat and long are backwards in their csv file.

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I totally had the lat and long flipped around. After flipping them it worked perfectly. Thanks everyone!!

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That is very easy to do since the Emlid CSV template is backwards anyways. That really should be changed, but probably never will be since already established. Typically read as LAT LONG versus LONG LAT???

But then again, for coordinate systems, most say Northings (Y) and Eastings (X), but I like to say EASTINGS (X) and NORTHINGS (Y).

; )

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