Is Reach RS only good when Baseline is less than 3km?

Dear all,

I asked a surveying company in my country who was doing marketing to us recently and they told me the key difference between their products which are L1+L2 is that L1-only products such as Reach RS is only accurate when the Baseline is less than 3km? Is that really the case?


Well… I hate to ruin their marketing strategy but… In any case, you should be good for 10 km but in some cases much more, such as post-processing your base and Rover data.

So what’s the key differences?

I think
2.L1/L2 gain fix a bit faster and is more reliable in difficulty areas

The range thing, i done long range test with convincing result

They also talked about get fix faster so it’s true about it. Could you give provide examples of difficult areas? Can reach RS give batter accuracy than 2cm? WILL other L1+L2 products give better accuracy than 2cm?

In areas were multipath happens, L2 has a better chance of fix.
I think sub 2cm is possible with L1. A good routine for survey and do controll of all measures.

L1 vs L2 and Sub 2cm. I think both a capable of doing this (if we leave out range above recommende 10km).
It all narrows down to how you do it and quality and controll you have over your work.
Both produce fix and both are capable of doing bad measure, its just that L2 gives you sometimes fix were L1 dont, but you still need to follow routine and do controll measure if needed.

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