Is post-processing required when collecting GCPs with an NTRIP service?

When collecting single points with a single receiver (RS2) via NTRIP service (Hexagon SmartNet), is it necessary to post-process in Emlid Studio, or is the .csv produced in ReachView an adequate collection of good corrected data?

If post-processing is required, would you use Static or Stop&Go?


Hi Travis,

If you’re working in RTK with an NTRIP service, no post-processing is required. Most likely, you’ll have all points in a Fix with centimeter-level accuracy right in the field.

Post-processing is an option when you can’t establish a real-time connection with an NTRIP service or your local base in the field. For example, if you don’t have the Internet coverage there. And if this is your case, I’d definitely go with the Stop & Go workflow because it outputs separate points.

Static is used when you need to establish a known point for your local base, for instance.


Note that if you are working with real-time corrections, whatever the modality (RTK, RTX, Ntrip…) post-processing is not necessary, except in case you need to check the consistency of the RTK corrections.


Thank you both Svetlana and Mauricio for the quick responses. I had suspected your answers would prove me right and that I’m not going crazy!

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Definetely not, Travis :slight_smile: You’re thinking in the right direction!

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