How to take GCP points with a single RS2

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i got the RS2 rtk kit for drone mapping , Am using the RTK solution for drone navigation .

I want to go to a field, set up GCP points on the ground, fly drone to map and after the drone lands i want to go and find all the coordinates of the GCP.

What is the best way to do that ? Can i just take the RS2 (base for drone) and move it around then use Emlid studio as PPK ?


Hi @firebblade,

With one Reach RS2, the accuracy of collected points will be several-meters accurate, even in PPK.

To collect precise ground control points, Reach should receive corrections. If you don’t have the second device, you can check if there is NTRIP service with reference stations within 60 km (60 km is the maximum baseline for RTK with Reach RS2). This is the easiest way to do that.


In addition, if there is a CORS station within 100km (preferably closer) that provides observation logs, then the points could also be adjusted via the PPK workflow.


Good point, Dave! Thanks.

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Always grab the coordinates before your flight, so you are sure the position of the GCP from the coordinate is exactly the same as is being seen by the drone.
By measuring after your flight, your risk disturbing your GCP, so doesn’t match your flight any longer.


As mentioned by the others, you need a reference to do PPK.
However, you might be able to do a kinematic PPP processing using I.e. NRCAN, and then extract the GCP’s from time stamps manually.
I have no experience with the kinematic ppp processing, only static ppp, however, I’d assume that it would be beneficial to let the receiver for a signicant amount of time before and after your GCP-measurements.

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