Is or isn't my firmware outdated

Using a Reach RS+

First, I get my iPhone and the reach on the same network. I then open ReachView 3 and my screen shows the image below:

This suggests that the Reach firmware is outdated or something isn’t set up so I follow the prompt and select “Set up Reach” and the following page appears:

This suggests that my ReachView version is up to date, but it doesn’t provide information about the Reach unit itself. For the moment I assume that everything is up to date. So, I restart everything and open ReachView 3. Again, I get the screen from the first photo suggesting that that something is outdated or not set up.

I select “Set up Reach” which takes me to the Updater. I then notice that I can select the TOC toggle in the upper righthand corner shown below:

Now I’m able to navigate ReachView (somewhat) as desired. However, I seem to still be operating within the “Updater” interface. Notice the Updater option in the photo below:

This isn’t a huge deal as I can still survey as I would like. However, it’s a bit cumbersome to have to navigate through Updater every time I connect to the Reach, and it blocks off part of the screen.

Any ideas what’s going on here?

I believe you have to reflash the unit to get new updates beyond that version ,make sure you save all your data and settings first


Yep, concur on that. Onwards with firmware flasher, then you can use the auto-updater again.


Hi Tyler,

Just wanted to add that apart from reflashing, you can also update your receiver. For it, you have to connect your Reach RS+ to the Wi-Fi network with Internet access. Updating process doesn’t clear up your data.

This way, once you press the Check for updates button, you’ll see the latest available firmware version and will be able to update to it.

The ReachView 3 app works with the receivers starting from the v2.24.2 version. Currently, the latest is Reach Firmware 26.3.

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