Is it ok to use the Flasher 1.5.0 version

@Charlie_Robinson @polina.buriak I am facing the same issue. A pair of old Reach modules that are out of date and the Reach Firmware Flash tool doesn’t find the modules. Any workaround will be helpful.

Recently created a post about that issue here

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@Charlie_Robinson @polina.buriak

I just found out that there is a new version of the Reach Firmware Flash Tool (1.5.0). I tried that on my Windows machine and it recognizes my Reach Module.

Now I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is it safe to use Reach Firmware Flash Tool version 1.5.0 for firmware reflashing?
  2. What firmware version should I use on the Reach module? Is it Reach Module Firmware 26 [2]? Is it stable? Are there known issues? Should I use an older version?

Thanks in advance for any information!


Hi Guido,

Seems like we’ve been in touch over email regarding this.

As stated in our docs, the latest version of the Reach Firmware Flash Tool is 1.4.1. This is the version that should work stably for the reflashing process. That’s why we recommend working with it.

The image you shared is correct for the Edison devices. If the latest Flash Tool 1.4.1 version is not working for you, please, check with different USB ports on your PC. If that doesn’t help, we’ll need to see the screenshot of Ports section in the Device Manager.

Reach Firmware Flash Tool 1.5.0 still can be used for the reflashing in some cases. Please keep us informed about your progress with this.

Hi Guido,

Just want to tell you that we have released a new version of Reach Flash Tool 1.7.0. Now there should be no issues with the reflashing of the Edison-based devices. You can download it in our docs. It’d be great to hear your feedback on it.

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