Is Emlid usable with Leica Smartnet & which mountpoint

Does the RS2 or 3 work with UK Leica Smartnet & which mountpoint would be used? I have a smartnet licence along with a leica reciever and considering buying a RS2 as a secondary kit.

I recommend to look for a mountpoint that is in RTCM3 format and preferably VRS.

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Is a Virtual reference station any good for control points though?

I can’t say anything for the UK Smartnet, but I just successfully connected to the one here in the US, particularly Washington State. The solution shows a pretty long baseline, and the coords were about 0.4’ from what our local GPS control is, so some more testing is required.


Just to add to what Igor mentioned, we have a support tip on what to look out for when choosing an NTRIP service.

Yes, you can use VRS to collect control points as long as provides corrections in the RTCM3 format. You can follow our Working with NTRIP guide to set up everything. We also have a tutorial on how to collect precise ground control points.

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