iPhone 12 pro max & iPhone 13 pro max

I have 2 users that have the same issues connecting to NTRIP networks. One has an iPhone 12 pro max and the other iPhone 13 pro max. Initial connection to Reach WiFi no issues, once we get to the connection to Hotspot is where the issue happens. Most of the time their iPhone Hotspot does not even show up as a possible connection. We have checked and uncheck the Maximize Compatibility option with no luck either. I have had to turn on and off their Hotspots and WiFi toggles to get a connection, there seems to be no rhyme or reason for when it will connect vs not connecting. I found the one article on here with the solution being a direct username and password for UNAVCO. But our issue is just getting connected to the iPhones Hotspot does not work. We have multiple other users with non pro max iphones that do not have an issue (iPhones 12, 11, 10 & 8).

Hi @cmartini85,

Reach should work fine with iOS hotspots, so it looks like your users have caught something unusual! Let’s investigate it.

The connection to iOS hotspots can be a bit tricky indeed. So first of all, I’d recommend checking our guide on connecting Reach to mobile hotspots. It contains some tips that should ensure a successful connection. If it doesn’t help, please let me know at which step of the guide your users face difficulties.

Hi @cmartini85,

Curious to know how it’s going! Did you get a chance to check the guide? Has it helped?

i have the same problem ,i have rs+ and rs2 emlids that connect to my android and home wifi
but not to my iphone 13 pro max
is there a soultion or a update ?