Can't connect Reach to iPhone 13 Pro max hotspot

i have the same problem ,i have rs+ and rs2 emlids that connect to my android and home wifi
but not to my iphone 13 pro max
is there a soultion or a update ?

Hi @mmodje,

I see that you have an issue with the same symptoms. But the roots of it may be different. So let’s dig deeper to investigate what’s going on in your exact case.

As this issue persists with the iOS hotspot only, it sounds related to the network itself. So first, I’d go through the whole workflow once more. We have a separate guide for connection to the iOS hotspot that can help you with that.

If it doesn’t help, here are some more things you can try:

  • Double-check that Reach firmware and the ReachView 3 app are updated to the latest versions
  • Double-check that Wi-Fi is turned off on your iOS phone
  • Enable the Maximize compatibility option on the iPhone Personal hotspot page
  • Ensure the Personal hotspot page is open while Reach is rebooting
  • Remove all the known Wi-Fi networks from ReachView 3 and then add your iOS hotspot to it again

I upgraded to 29.2 and started using the Bluetooth function with great success. I have upgraded and tested 3 out of our 6 RS2’s with the individuals iPhones without an issue now. I believe this is the solution we are going to use moving forward. It is way easier and faster once setup. Thank you for the help!

Hi @cmartini85,

Great! Thanks for the update.

Yes, using BLE to connect to the Reach RS2 is indeed an option. However, connection via Wi-Fi should also work fine. So if any issues occur, we’re always here to troubleshoot them.

Hi @mmodje,

Just curious to know how it’s going. Did you have a chance to try the suggestions above? Were they of any help?

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