Introducing LoRa Radio for Reach M+

Today we release the long-awaited LoRa radio for Reach M+!

The new radio module works at the same frequency range as Reach RS/RS+ LoRa (862–1020 MHz). The module is fully compatible with the internal LoRa radio of Reach RS/RS+.

LoRa for Reach M+ enables easy and reliable RTK communication between Reach RS/RS+ base station and Reach M+ rover on distances up to 8 kilometers.

It’s easy to integrate:

  • Plug the radio to S2 port on Reach M+ with the supplied cable;
  • Setup correction link between M+ and RS/RS+ in ReachView app over LoRa (LoRa radio requires Reachview v2.15.3 dev and higher).

LoRa radio is now available for order from Emlid store for $118 (also available from our dealers). Learn more about LoRa radio in Emlid docs and order one now in our online store!


WOW! You’re going to have a LOT of happy people here today! ; )

Special note for Edison-based Reach at purchase page though:
(*Not compatible with the original, Edison-based, Reach).

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Awesome! That’s great news!

so very true!

ditto :slight_smile:

This little guy will be very useful. :signal_strength:

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Hmm, that Reach M+ is suddenly even more interesting!


Fantastic news!

Would you consider making a LoRa repeater? Or enabling this to be used as such?

I am using Reach RS’s in a rugged terrain in Greenland, where a strategically placed LoRa repeater would enable otherwise impossible Fix’es - making post-processing obsolete.


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Hi @Lars,

Thanks for the request! In the meantime, we are not working on the repeater.

Is it possible to use a pair of this radios as normal Tx/Rx for transfering data through serial? for example, with mission planner?

Hi Angel,

LoRa can only be used for sending RTK corrections from base to rover.

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Is it possible to use this new RTK radio, with a third party GNSS receiver that is able to receive corrections via RS232 (and use the Reach RS/RS+ as a base)?


LoRa radio is a bit more complicated than other radios used for receiving/transmitting corrections via RS232. So it’s not possible to connect the LoRa module directly to another receiver.

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