Introducing Edge: Advanced drone controller with HDMI video input and 5.8GHz data link

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More than three years ago Emlid was born with the idea of building a versatile and powerful drone controller. We’ve pursued the concept of a controller that will become a primary platform for customizable drone projects when your goals go beyond the limits of traditional autopilot boards. Today we are thrilled to announce advanced drone controller Edge.



Emlid Edge is the first autopilot platform to feature an integrated HDMI input and video compression engine allowing it to capture Full HD video from an onboard camera such as GoPro or any other HDMI-capable camera. Video is streamed directly to the Ground Control Station over a long-range 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi link.


The kit consists of the Edge drone controller, external UAVCAN GNSS module, wide range power module based on Hall sensor and a long range 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi link. Edge features dual-processor architecture, temperature-stabilized dual IMU and plenty of ports for extensions all packed in thin and sleek aluminum case.



At its core Edge runs ArduPilot - the most fully-featured and robust open source autopilot software. Support for Edge is added in a user-friendly and cross-platform QGroundControl GCS. Mission planning, firmware updates, vehicle configuration and video stream viewing – everything is handled through a single application.


See the full specs on the Edge webpage and preorder now. The kits are available for $699 and will be shipped in early November 2017.


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A limited number of kits is available in the first batch.



Two questions:

  1. This is a Flight controller that also integrates the Video part, correct? Any other controls that can be passed through the stream? Like… Camera control, trigger, etc?

  2. Does this work with Reach (rover)?


  1. This is a real network connection so it’s very flexible. Edge can do some camera control - e.g. trigger is supported, but it depends on the camera too.
  2. Yes, it does work with Reach. We’ll be working on making the integration as much plug and play as possible.
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Awesome! So, just to make it clear, this is an APM board… you connect the ESC and motors directly?

Well, its not really an APM board, the electronics is developed by us, but it also runs ArduPilot. ESCs are connected to PWM outputs on Edge, yes.

Great… really interesting. How we Program this? Like raspberrypi with linux terminal?

@Amila in most cases it would be enough to use GCS to configure Edge to do some tasks. It is also possible to use frameworks specially designed for the extension of autopilot functionality such as DroneKit. For advanced modification it is possible to change the Ardupilot code.

Why is Reach still required if it has an inbuilt GNSS?
Can’t I just use a Reach RS and the Edge for RTK drone mapping?

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Edge GNSS module is designed to be a robust solution for navigation purposes, it is not an RTK receiver. For RTK or PPK mapping Reach should be used on a drone, with Reach RS on the ground as a base station.


SHUTUP AND TAKE MY MONEY $$$$$$$$$ :slight_smile:

On a serious note. Is the wifi a standalone solution for the edge only or can it act as an Access Point for other devices? Reason I am asking is that lets say that I want to connect a GOPRO, can I then connect to the GoPro via the Edge wifi system to control settings ETC ?

Oh and what about internal IMU damping?


We will focus first on using WiFi for a seamless video and telemetry transfer. Something else can be done with some grade of hacking.

Edge has IMU heating and fast sampling of ICM IMU sensors, that should be good for most situations. In case of severe vibrations external dampening platform calculated for a particular drone can be used for best results.

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OK then ill just use my separate Routerboard 2ghz for that :slight_smile:

What is the maximum glass-to-glass video latency at 1080p @ 25 fps ?
How about the average ?

It’s around 150-200ms. Precise numbers will be provided a little bit later.

For a RTK drone, will need to use Reach along edge. Will edge share the antenna or the reach antenna has to be present too?

If you’re talking about GNSS antenna then Reach has to use its own antenna.
If you mean correction transfer channel then it would be possible to set up their injection in WiFi link.

If I record e.g. 2.7k 60fps on a Gopro5 and I want to see what I am recording I will use the HDMI to input to the Edge, right.

Does the Edge transmit to the Ground station in 1080 or does it not work at all as the Edge cant handle the 2.7K comming from the Gopro?



Is ArduPilot running on the coprocessor or on CM3 in linux?

@jb1 Edge will transmit video with the resolution up to 1080p max, while GoPro can record it with higher resolution. So Edge can perfectly handle the task of monitoring of what is being recorded.

@coby Ardupilot runs under Linux on CM3, while the co-processor handles PWM, PPM, ADC etc.