Introducing Edge: Advanced drone controller with HDMI video input and 5.8GHz data link

@mikhail.avkhimenia thanks. honestly, that’s very disappointing. keeps me from using it since my customers desire the compute node isolated from the flight node for experimental/dev purposes.

otherwise nice looking piece of gear.

I doubt we will ever go back to running Ardupilot on microcontrollers, because running it under Linux on a proper CPU is more convenient and allows for much better extension.

In case when separate Dev platform is needed, companion computer can be used just like on other Ardupilot hardware platforms (it can be even easier thanks to network capabilities).


that sounds perfect, but one more question.
The Edge is supposed to transmit with a high power on WiFi (27dbm I think I have red somewhere)
Laptops or tablets transmit with much less power, so how can the video link be kept up. I suppose there must also be some uplink data to be sent to keep the video link alive.
look forward to your answer

Of course, built-in WiFi in laptops won’t give you the range. That’s why Edge comes with two long range WiFi modules, one is plugged in Edge and the other in a laptop.

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Ah, sorry I overlooked that on the site, great, thanks

Does it get an SD card?

@stavros, there’s no SD card slot, but Edge has 4GB of internal memory.

Interesting card, but a bit expensive (too for my bank). I have a 4.5kg OctoQuadX8 with Navio2 and Sony QX1. It could be a fine Edge testbed.


Hello Guys, I recently received Edge With Reach module and Reach RS. I couldn’t found any guide how to connect and configure Reach with Edge. With Reach module come some cable but no one is compatible with Edge connector. Does Reach module can be connected and used with Edge. Can I use Reach RS as a “base” for the reach module(rover) mounted on the multi rotor with edge flight controller?

@mikhail.avkhimenia Is there a way for the internal memory to be formated? because i am trying to find a solution on my bad logging and from all that i have come to, it seems the internal memory format seems to have an issue and it does not recognize it on boot checks. If i dissable logging on boot check, it still gives me error but so far on the bench it creates logs.
Can i have some input on this?

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