Internet on Reach RS for NTRIP

Hi, Im new on Reach RS system and Im trying to figure out how to get internet on my reach rs base while in the field. I tested my ntrip connections over my office wifi and they are working perfectly, the problem is, when I go to the field(far from my wifi) I need internet(3g or 4g) to send the ntrip data to my reach base. So, questions:

  1. How can I connect my reach over the internet using my iPhone to share the internet?
  2. Is it possible to send NTRIP data over Bluetooth from IOS? Is there any app?

Thanks in advance.

I have an Android phone and just set up a hotspot. I am in California so I use Verizon who has a hotspot app.

The reach is a client in the network and gets its corrections from a CORS site via the internet.

Not sure about using bluetooth instead of WIFI.

Hotspot on phones works.
I do find it draining the battery fast and if you have lot of work you can use a batterybank or Lte router.
Gain easily a range up to 150m radius with it.

I also think usb otg lte modem stick would work too

Got it!! Thanks guys

Very new here so pardon the noob questions. If I am tryinf to get NTRIP over a hot spot does only the base need to have the internet connection or does the rover also have to be able to connect to the same hotspot?

I am using the LORA radios for base - rover communication.

So when i set up the base I turn the hotspot on my phone on so the Base picks up the wifi and gets NTRIP connections from the internet.

Once the Coordinates of the base are set usually through RTK with a CORS site then the phone goes with the rover so the base has no internet access.

With the rover you can either use the phones WIFI hotspot to connect with the Rover or use the WIFI on the reach. Wifi on the reach uses less phone battery which can be an issue.

Hope that helps

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