Internal flash memory issue. updating firmware

Hi all,

I have tested REACH with 4 pcs.
3 pcs are testing well, but another has some problem.
Following 2 pictures are captured after update firmware without any change by me.

  • When I change configurations, it can not save it with refresh Web browser.
    And with following pictures, you can see some differences to other normal module.

How can I solve this issue ?

Best regards,

Why don’t you try our new beta?

Dear Andrew,

I have tried to 4 pcs REACH.
3 pcs have successful update with following picture.

But, another one can’t access to AP. This module also has problem with previous firmware.

Its 2D bar-code is FZEDC 642D 005L7 501.
Could you check its QMS(Quality Management System) or other , please ? I think it should have problem in H/W.