Integration issues with Reach RS 2.26 firmware and Android application


we have an Android application integrated with the Reach RS units, and after the latest 2.26 firmware update (using Reach RS1, which at the moment was at 2.24.2) some functionality broke down:

  • Observation file download;
  • Current observation status;

For the observation status, the app was monitoring an event exposed by the Reach RS (“writing logs status”), but after the latest update it seems this event has been removed/changed.

As there is still no API provided, it would be great to have some documentation for integrating the Reach RS units, mainly the event names, their responses and changes between firmware versions.

Would it be possible to find out what this event has been changed to? As otherwise, we would probably have to use wire shark to inspect the ReachView application.

Thank you.


Hi Ernestas,

Welcome to the community forum!

You can find the changelog of the 26 Firmware version in our docs. The main points are also covered in this thread on the community forum.

Do I understand correctly that you’re outputting the data from Reach to the third-party software? What data do you work with?

Hi, Polina,

thank you for responding.

I’ve already read through the docs and the changelog of the 26 version, but they are more suited for users, not developers.

Yes, that’s correct. The application is mainly working with logging: current status/starting/stopping/downloading the logs, also some other information about the ReachRS unit: battery status, current location, etc…

What I’m mostly interested is the current logging status functionality, it seems the event has been removed or changed since the last firmware version (2.24.2) and we’re unable to receive this data.

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Hi Ernestas,

Thanks for the details! I’ll check it with the team and get back to you.

Hi Ernestas,

May I ask you to elaborate on how you got the writing logs status event from the Reach RS? It will help us to check what might be wrong.

Hello, Kseniia,

if I understand your question correctly, we found the event by inspecting the ReachView application’s communication with a ReachRS. We are communicating with the ReachRS unit via a socket connection, by listening to the events exposed by the ReachRS (in this case - “writing logs status”).


Hi Ernestas,

Thanks for the clarification.

We don’t provide root access to Reach receivers anymore. You can check out Tatiana’s explanation of why we decided to do it in this thread.

At the moment, we allow logging configuration via the ReachView 3 app only. The ReachView 3 code is not open, so we can hardly share the information about the events used there.

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Hi Kseniia,

Is there a plan to allow access via API, SDK, or any other means for 3 third-party integrators?

Hi Andrius,

We don’t have plans on implementing API or SDK in the nearest future. However, thank you for the request! It’s noted.

For Reach receivers configuration, we recommend using our ReachView 3 app. If you know a 3rd-party Android app that supports some options required for your work, you can use the Mock location feature to get Reach’s position there.


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