Input correction base station through serial communication

Hello, I’m Jaeyeon. I have some problems.

I want to receive correction information from base station through serial communication.

This picture is serial communication setting.

Look at the next picture.

At this picture, we can see “UART” but we think it should be “USB” because we connected to USB port.
If you think we are right, should we install FTDI driver on the Intel Edison? And how do we install that?

Thanks for reading.

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If there is no USB option on the page, then your radio is not recognized by Reach. This can be caused by two reasons:

  • Maybe the radio does not get enough power. Is there a power LED on your model?
  • Sometimes Reach’s FTDI driver gets corrupted due to an issue with an external package repository. We are working on a proper solution for this, which will be included in the next image release.

In the meantime, we provide a temporary workaround:

  • SSH into reach
  • Change the used repo to ours by changing the file /etc/opkg/base-feeds.conf to our repo:
src/gz edison
src/gz core2-32
src/gz all
  • Run sudo opkg update
  • Run sudo opkg install kernel-module-ftdi-sio

The correct output for this command should be:

Upgrading kernel-module-ftdi-sio from 1.0-r2 to 3.10.17-r0 on root.
Removing obsolete file /lib/modules/3.10.98-poky-edison+/kernel/drivers/usb/serial/ftdi_sio.ko.
Configuring kernel-module-ftdi-sio.

Thank you, Egor!!

I resolve this problem!

After changing base-feeds.conf along your advise, open my reachview.

I was able to confirm “USB” at input source of base correction like picture!

I will take test RTK.

After then, i will tell you test result.

Thank you very much, Egor!


Good to know it works !

Sorry, I am new at this. I am having trouble getting the USB to show up on the screen and I tried your fix but am not experienced enough. I got into the terminal and used the IP address but am stuck, get this.

reach:~$ src/gz edison
-bash: src/gz: No such file or directory

Can you help? or if you have the fix to get USB to show up that would be better?



I am sorry, that is a really old post. Unfortunately we’ve taken down this package. If you experience trouble with USB, you should try the new beta.