Reach WiFi Connection Timeout

We’re using a Reach on a quadcopter, with an LTE modem/router for all our comms. The problem I’m having is that the Reach boots up more quickly than the modem/wireless AP and goes into hotspot mode before the AP SSID is visible. I can force a reconnect through the web interface but it’s annoying to do this every time I power up the aircraft. Is there any way to set a dwell/retry time before Reach goes into hotspot mode?

I’m running the latest released dev version.



It’s not a plug-and-play answer, but definitely a start in the right direction:

$1.31, plus an extra $3 if you want shipping which will deliver in this century. So cheap.

I’m sure you could insert a sleep 60 command somewhere in the startup process. Who knows if you can guarantee it will stay persistent after software upgrades though.

I would like to do the same with a mifi router.
Next thing would be to link the voltage wires of a male micro USB to the NO and COM output on that delay module?

Yes, I think you could buy a USB short extension cable and snip the +5 Volt wire and put each side of it into the NO (normally-open) and COM (common) just as you said.

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As of now, you can’t change this behavior. Well, you can edit /usr/bin/init_network script on the unit.

I’ve added an issue to our tracker so we might discuss this and include in one of our future releases.

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