Increase distance between receivers

Any suggestions to increase distance between reach rs2 receivers? Radio channel? Lora?

Anyone tried it in practical and reached 8 km distance?

The easiest answer that comes to mind is cellular network NTRIP. Range is irrelevant then, but it requires either SIM cards in each RS2 or a working phone on each end.

If it isn’t possible in your case, a high-power radio on a tripod mast at the base and a compatible radio on the rover might do the trick. Something like this radio by Harxon could provide the range (way, way more in good conditions) but if there’s a lot of obstruction, it might be unreliable at extreme ranges. Check your local regulations for frequencies and power permitted too although it should be okay in most places.


If you have decent cell coverage, Emlid NTRIP is too easy.


I remember this video since 3 years ago :wink:
Reach RS LoRa Radio atteint une portée de 21 km | En direct d’Intergeo 2018 - YouTube
Tuning LoRa settings for RTK data collection | Reach RS2/RS2+ (
I think also you can use an external UHF radio (450 MHz).
Reach RS+ tests with external UHF radio (450 MHz) - News - Emlid Community Forum


Hi @hasheduhash,

LoRa radio is low-powered, so it shows its best in rather open areas with a line of sight between the base and rover. In great environmental conditions, the LoRa range can be even more than 8 km. You can check one test with a long LoRa range in this forum thread.

When the line of sight is obstructed, the LoRa baseline can significantly decrease. In such cases, you can work with the Emlid NTRIP Caster or try a pair of external radios, as Gabriel suggested. Overall, Reach RS2 can work on up to 60 km baselines in RTK.

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