Incorrect solution status for RS+ v2.22.4

This is very strange! Do you get a fixed solution? Version 2.22.4 RS+

Hi Luis,

Would you mind specifying how you establish the RTK link between the base and the rover? Do you use LoRa radio? Are the base coordinates displayed correctly?

Also, it’d be great if you could share the classic set of logs with us:

  • raw data log, position log and base correction log from the rover
  • raw data log from the base

It’s easier to determine the issue if we can see the observational data quality and the data that the rover receives from the base.

Hi Polina, The connection is by NTRIP with a CORS located in the City of Rio Cuarto Cordoba, it is the next I have to my location at the moment.

Hi Luis,

Thanks for sharing your data! We’ll look into it and get back to you once there’s news.

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Let me make a conclusion on this.

From your position file, it’s possible to see that Reach obtains the Fix solution after almost two hours of receiving the base corrections. It’s possible to get a fix because the receiver picks the statistically best solution.

However, with such a huge baseline, the solution can hardly be accurate enough. I’d recommend working with the closer mount points of your CORS further on.

I had been surprised to have had a fixed correction so many kilometers from the base.

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