Inaccurate barometer readings

The sensor power is 5v and is compatible with Ardupilot, and now has another problem. The barometer is with inaccurate readings, ranging from -3m to 5m in height. At the moment I’m using the internal bar but the barometer is making the quadcopter

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Hi @joao.victor21595,

Let’s continue our discussion about barometer in this thread.

Could you share your barometer setup photos? Is it covered with a foam?

Is covered by a foam, when it starts to heat the ship the barometer starts the temperature variations, is this the reason? with an old battery 3S did not have this problem, so I moved to 4S started the problem, spend 3 minutes with the ship on the changes up

I used the 3s battery and it continues with the highest values ​​of 3m

Hi @joao.victor21595,

Do you have the same problem during ground tests as for the flights?
What battery do you use?

I think that the problem can be related to the noise from the new battery and ESC.

I currently use a Limskey 10400mah 14.8v 4s. I tested today with a Power 3000mah 11.1v 3s and with both batteries had fluctuation of 1 meter

Hi @joao.victor21595,

Do you still have this problem?

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