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I have tried to import pointing into my Rover RS+ using reachview version 2.16.2 and I keep getting the same error message “At least one of the required columns is missing: Column “Elevation””. I have followed the template for .CSV, both importing the file and manually typing the text and I get the same message. Help - newbie here

Example of the text of a point I tried to enter: A,50.654933,-123.901667,686.00

FYI - the template shown on screen and the downloadable file example switch the order of the longitude and latitude columns. Does it matter which order the columns are in for importing?

I switched devices from my iPad to my iPhone and now the import feature is working.



Hello @johnson.tyler.k,
Im having a similar problem as you previously did, though the problem is on my iPhone, did you have to install an upate or anything to make it work?

I didn’t, honestly I’m not sure why it suddenly worked on my iPhone but not on my iPad. Try reinstalling the ReachView app and rebooting your phone.

Hi @jamesmyers,

Have you had a chance to try @johnson.tyler.k’s advise? Did it help?

Hey @tatiana.andreeva,
I have tried that and i am still getting the same error both when importing and typing data manually.

Hi @jamesmyers,

Could you please post here the CSV file with the data so I can check it?

Make sure you import the data in the appropriate format:

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Hello @tatiana.andreeva,
Ive attached a ZIP file of the CSV im using as this platform does not support CSV files, alternatively i have attached a screen shot of the data in the CSV if that helps

59%20pm (726 Bytes)


Please add these headers above the first point:


Thank you very much @tatiana.andreeva, this worked perfectly!


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