Importing Points

(Tyler Johnson) #1

I have tried to import pointing into my Rover RS+ using reachview version 2.16.2 and I keep getting the same error message “At least one of the required columns is missing: Column “Elevation””. I have followed the template for .CSV, both importing the file and manually typing the text and I get the same message. Help - newbie here

Example of the text of a point I tried to enter: A,50.654933,-123.901667,686.00

FYI - the template shown on screen and the downloadable file example switch the order of the longitude and latitude columns. Does it matter which order the columns are in for importing?

(Tyler Johnson) #2

I switched devices from my iPad to my iPhone and now the import feature is working.


(Jamesmyers) #3

Hello @johnson.tyler.k,
Im having a similar problem as you previously did, though the problem is on my iPhone, did you have to install an upate or anything to make it work?

(Tyler Johnson) #4

I didn’t, honestly I’m not sure why it suddenly worked on my iPhone but not on my iPad. Try reinstalling the ReachView app and rebooting your phone.

(Tatiana Andreeva) #6

Hi @jamesmyers,

Have you had a chance to try @johnson.tyler.k’s advise? Did it help?

(Jamesmyers) #7

Hey @tatiana.andreeva,
I have tried that and i am still getting the same error both when importing and typing data manually.

(Tatiana Andreeva) #8

Hi @jamesmyers,

Could you please post here the CSV file with the data so I can check it?

Make sure you import the data in the appropriate format:

(Jamesmyers) #9

Hello @tatiana.andreeva,
Ive attached a ZIP file of the CSV im using as this platform does not support CSV files, alternatively i have attached a screen shot of the data in the CSV if that helps

59%20pm (726 Bytes)

(Tatiana Andreeva) #10


Please add these headers above the first point:

(Jamesmyers) #11

Thank you very much @tatiana.andreeva, this worked perfectly!

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