Importing into Emlid Flow

This isn’t a quesation, just a gripe. In order to import a CSV file into Emlid Flow, it requires a header for Name, Northing, Easting, Elevation.

Since I use Magnet software for surveying, it does not export this header. I need to send the file to my laptop where I change the header in excel and then send to my phone for import. I change between my Total Station and GPS all the time, and since unfortunately Magnet Software does not support competitors GNSS units, this is a massive time waste for me in the field. Would it be too hard to just have an option to omit these headers in a future update?


As an added to Lee’s request above. Would it be possible to import the .pos file and stop and go results from PPK created by emlid studio into the software? That would be very nice to do so, being able to drag and drop straight from the pos.


Hi @Leesurvey81, Welcome to the community!

We need indeed a header to import the CSV file to Emlid Flow. Those headers help for the software to specify what data is imported: Easting/Norting/Elevation or Latitude/Longitude/Ellipsoidal height.

I can understand why it would be useful to be able to import CSV without a header. I will add it as +1 on our feature request. This feature is not on our roadmap yet, but we’re collecting such cases for consideration. I’ll let you know once we have any updates on it.

I need to send the file to my laptop, where I change the header in Excel, and then send it to my phone for import.

Do I understand correctly that you sent the data to the phone to import to Emlid Flow? If so, you can use Emlid Flow 360, so you don’t need to send it to your phone to import it.

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Hi @ScottMitchell, Thank you for the feedback! Could you share more about your workflow when you want to import the .pos to Emlid Flow?

Hi @merryna.anggriani

I would usually use the .pos file for static processing using studio. So copy paste of values into flow 360 from the pos file.

Ideally I could drop that file into the “add new point” rather than as an import. I think that makes sense more than as a full import.

For stop and go it would be good to be able to import that stop and go processed file into flow as well. It requires a bit of adjustment to get the format correct. These points are imported so we have the finalised points in the project and for future stake outs or as a base location if the main benchmarks get disturbed. We also have the occasion where the client gives us the incorrect geodetics for their setup (UTM 30 when it is actually UTM31). So being able to export and import straight like that is nice. The new custom csv widget is very good, as I can export the data in the format for import straight back into a new project. Doing the same with the stop and go files would be great.


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I’m a bit confused. I just imported a .csv into Flow using the “PENZD” option (points were shot using a total station in PNEZD so had to switch the E and N columns) that had a header row since I was editing the .csv in Excel for other purposes. My first couple of import attempts resulted in errors until I read the import requirements that “Columns must not have a header”. I removed the header row and the file imported just fine. Do different import methods in Flow have different import requirements? I use the CSV_PENSD option since I usually use the imported files to perform Localization. What am I missing? Thanks

Hi @SteveB. You are correct that the different import method in EF has different requirements. When using the CSV PENZD, we don’t need a header but when using the regular CSV we need a header to help the software specify the data

Will CSV PENZD work for you @leesurvey81?

Okay, sorry about the gripe. Yes, Magnet software allows me to export PENZD with a dropdown menu I missed. Everything is all good now!

No worries—I’m glad it works for you!

Feel free to create a thread or contact us at if you have any questions about our products.

Hi @merryna.anggriani
Further to my request above. Is it possible to have the resultant stop and go file from emlid studio as a direct import? It would be very handy. Currently the stop and go file only has geographicals, which then need to be reformatted into the basic flow import formats. It would be good to be able to take data from flow, run it in studio and then import back into flow once corrected in PPK workflow without having to reformat text files.


Hi @scottmitchell63,

Thank you for the feedback. I’ll add your request as +1 for importing the .pos file from static processing to Emlid Flow.

For the stop-and-go files, indeed, you will just have a global coordinate system, but you can import this data into the project with the local projection, and it will contain projected coordinates. We have the support tips for this here. Will this workflow works for you?

Hi @merryna.anggriani

Thanks for that. And yeah importing the corrected stop and go now works. It never used to, and to be honest the wording of the import process does not mention the ability to import directly. That is maybe worth changing the import messages so that it is clear you can import the file straight from studio. But yes, that is good for me.

Thanks again