Importing a multi-point shapefile, .shx, & .dbf into an Emlid flow 360 project

  1. Emlid Flow app version: 8.9

  2. I’ve created a multi-point array shapefile in Arc Pro. We’re doing RTK points every 50 feet in every direction over a barrier island so I created this point grid so we can pull it up on the project in the app to see where we need to survey.

I try to upload the .shp, .dbf, and .shx files as a compressed folder into the Emlid flow project and the import fails every time. & I’m not sure what else there is to do to make it work.

The file names are: Grid_Overlay_SpatialJoin_Fea, Grid_Overlay_SpatialJoin_Fea, & Grid_Overlay_SpatialJoin_Fea.dbf.
The layer I exported as a shapefile is in NAD 1983.

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Which CS is your Emlid Flow project in? Can you share the file with me for a check? If you aren’t ready to post it publicly, please feel free to PM it or send it to

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