I want to know how to do esc calibration when using navio2

I want to use rpi and navio2 to float drones in the air.
We have confirmed that the drone assembly, GCS, and the controller are connected properly.
However, ESC Calibration is not possible as the question title suggests.
I am using the flysky fs-i6 controller and the fs-ia6b receiver.
First, the throttle of the pilot was raised to the top and the drone was powered up.
And I checked that various light came out of navio2.
Finally, after unplugging and reconnecting the power, I checked that various lights came out from navio2 and the motor heard beep sound.
And after lowering the throttle of the controller to the bottom, I checked that the motor made a sound.
This was the end of what I checked on the Internet, and if you raise the throttle of the controller slightly up in this state, the motor went the same way.
But I checked that the motors were running differently.
In this case, there is a stability problem, so I repeated the above method several times, but I couldn’t properly ESC calibration.
Is there anything I’m doing wrong?

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