I have a question about the pinout of navio2

I would like to connect the sensor to raspberry pi, which is connected to navio2.
Before experimenting with the above, I saw the pinout in the navio2 document.
But I have a question. So I’m asking this question.
It says IO17, IO18 and GP26 of UART are free, so can I take any line out of them and use it?
Or is there another way to use it?
I would appreciate it if you let me know how to use it.
I don’t think I understand the contents of the Navio2 document.
Please check it.

Hi @osung1598,

Sorry for the delay.

IO17 and IO18 pins are available on the UART port. You can connect to them via the DF13 6-pin jumper cable from the Navio2 package.

GP26 pin on Raspberry header is available for programming too, but you’ll need to use the extension header to get physical access to it.

You can access the configuration of either of these ports with the “Relay Switch” function. Please, take a look at this article in our docs.

Thank you for your answer.
But I have a question.
Is it okay to use GP26 as IN or OUT as long as raspberry pi and navio2 are connected?
When raspberry pi was first turned on and “gpio readall”, GP26 was IN.
I want to change GP26 to OUT and change it to 0 or 1 so is there any problem with navio2?
I’m worried that there might be a problem with navio2 if I modify it randomly and use it.
Please check it.

Hi @osung1598,

You can use the GP26 as output as well as input. There should not be any issues with that.