I got red led again

I got solid red led again just now, after last night got solid red too, then fixed by flashing.
@bide @igorvereninov @TB_RTK

:frowning: Do we have any idea what causes this? I’ve got two project test days coming up next week and really really don’t want to have this happen to me again as it would be embarrassing and disrupting to the GNSS options evaluation.

hi fraser, for now, i would recommend making a copy of /etc/reachview/current_config.json
cp current_config.json current_config.json.backup
if red led occurs, just copy the backup to original file again and reboot;
according to Red LED on Reach, where is the log file for the error? - #4 by savvy0816
@dicky i’m afraid you will have to reflash your device again…

I don’t want, but I have no choice, I can’t access my reach while red led.
How to copy
cp current_config.json current_config.json.backup
while I can’t access my reach?

We know the cause and it will be a part of the next update coming out shortly.

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backing up the json-file over ssh before light occurs was my advice to fraser;

for you dicky you will have to reflash and afterwards you can back up that file over ssh; (but actually your reach should accept ssh connections even with red light!)

While waiting for updates I would like to backup the json file, I’m afraid it will back again today. But unfortunately, I have no experience with that. Should we work with such as putty application then login as root?

Yes, putty is ok.

How to copy json file? Does it mean two reach connected together in a laptop or pc? Then ssh them? How it possible to ssh two reach in one laptop? I have no experience with this. I think when we login to that mean only one reach would we login into.

Try scp -r root@here.is.reach.ip:/etc/reachview /folder_on_your_pc to copy folder from the Reach.
To copy back on Reach just swap around.
If you want to work only with one file just delete -r.

pass: reachemlid

Thank you @andrew.yushkevich, I will try that code soon.

The issue is fixed in 2.2.0, so I close this one.