How to work with Global CS in RV3

Good morning,
I’m missing some information. I have the same problem now. I can’t create a project in wgs84.
I understand that global CS creates a project with the basic information of the base. However, isn’t the base information always in WGS84? I have never been able to enter information from another datum into the database because it automatically takes the information in WGS84.

My question is, if I continue to take my points in the global CS I am assured that the points will be taken in WGS84?
Can we also change the reference system of the acquisition of the base? If not, does that mean that the base will always be in WGS84?

Thank you!

Hi Charles,

However, isn’t the base information always in WGS84?

It’s true if you average base position in ReachView. When you enter the position manually, you can do that in any geographic coordinate system. Global CS will use the same system.

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