Wgs84, epsg:4326?

I have updated the Reachview app.
Now the coordinate system WGS84, EPSG: 4326 is no longer available.
This was still available in the old app version.
But we need this coordinate system for our GIS system.

Hi @Boess_Infra,

You can use the Global CS option. This new feature provides geographic coordinates and depends on the base’s coordinates system.

So, if your base is set up in WGS84, you’ll receive WGS84 coordinates on the rover with the Global CS option.

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We work without Basis. Stand alone

It’s even easier. GNSS receivers calculate their position in WGS84 by default. So just use Global CS on the rover, and you’ll receive WGS84 coordinates.

I have now created a Global CS project and measured 3 points.
Now I wanted to export.
A message appears that there is not enough memory on the mobile phone.
Really, however, there are still about 10GB free.

Hi @Boess_Infra,

Didn’t face such an issue before. Is it reproducible with a Global CS only? Can you export the project another way? For example, to some cloud drive.

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