How to use BLE in the field

I would like to use BLE, as I have two Rovers and currently use a SIM card in the Rover.
So I would like to know when I can use it for real work in the field. Any prevision?

Hi @joaovitorlara8,

BLE is a feature, which helps you connect to Reach devices easier. This way, you don’t need to connect to devices’ hotspots to access them in ReachView 3.

Also, you can connect to NTRIP over BLE using the mobile data from your phone. But as you work with SIM cards, you don’t need it.


I understand the proposal. I want to stop using SIM cards because they are an extra cost.
I look forward to using it in real work. Hence my previous question…

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Bluetooth only works short range, and by itself does not provide a data connection.

For transferring corrections from one RS2 acting as a base to other receivers acting as rovers, you still need either LoRa or Emlid caster. Emlid caster requires a data connection at both the base and any rovers.

An example of how you would utilize BLE is that while using a rover, the receiver can connect to your data connected smart phone over bluetooth. Of course the base could use a similar setup to remove dependence on the SIM. But, you still have to supply a data connection somehow. The base does not communicate with rovers over bluetooth if that is what you are hoping for. Unless they are right next to each other. Bluetooth tech is not capable.

Let me be more clear then. I want to replace my Rover’s SIM card, sharing mobile data from my phone (instead of the SIM card). Only this.
Is there a forecast for BLE to be released for real work? in a safe way.

Got it. Clarity is always good. You can use it now unless you mean that you don’t want to use the beta firmware? (guessing again)

You can use your phone as a hotspot with current firmware and connect via wifi (the phone’s) if you want to ditch the sim right now.

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You can currently use a phone hotspot to accomplish this (assuming your phone/plan supports it).

no one wants errors in acquiring data from our real jobs.

We’ve released stable 29 firmware version yesterday. You still need to enable hidden toggle in ReachView 3, but no need to subscribe to Beta firmware.

If you want to get rid of SIM card on the rover, BLE is a good way. You can test it, and I’ll help you in case of any difficulties. The workflow is still the same as described in Egor’s post.

Anyway, you always have a workaround: just connect the device to your mobile hotspot. But in my view, BLE is way easier to maintain.

P.S. Fixed phrasing a bit to avoid misleading.