How to uninstall APM

I want to try building a different version (3.3.3-stable) as I read on their forum that the version that the navio 2 docs uses makes some changes. The changes are to the way motors are handled and I’m hoping switching versions will fix my issues.

Anyways, I’m going to try to build it myself but I’m assuming I need to first uninstall APM. But I’m not sure how I do that.



If you’re refering to the problem with gimbals, please take a look at this thread. Please, take into the account that we’ve updated our Raspbian image!

Anyways, if you just want to try out a newer APM version, you can use our docs entry on the issue and launch APM locally, i.e. sudo ./arducopter-quad instead of launching the binary that is somewhere in the $PATH.

If you’re sure that you want to uninstall the APM altogether, then the simple sudo apt-get remove apm will do.


I saw that the gimbal issue was solved. While I ran into that (and plan to update the Raspbian image because of it) I’m also having stability issues and issues with the drone tilting forward during takeoff even though the weight is distributed correctly.

I thought it might be an APM issue so I took it to their forum and they mentioned I should try using 3.3.3.

Thank you for the response, I’ll uninstall it and try building 3.3.3 and seeing if that fixes my issues.

I’m really excited that the gimbal issue is fixed too, thanks for working on all those.

Nathan, unfortunately building 3.3.3 will not work with Navio2. That version does not have support for Navio2. You can only build versions that came out after the Navio2 support has been merged.

Oh, k, thanks! It would have been frustrating to try to figure that out on my own haha

How do I tell when that is?


Anything after this PR will have support of Navio2. Please, beware that flying off master branch is a very risky endeavour.


I guess I’ll just stick to what is listed in the docs. I was hoping that the suggestion I got from their forum of going to 3.3.3 would fix the stability issues and flying forward at takeoff.

I’ll just update and work on the PIDs. I think I’ll risk it and try to use autotune even though my motors are 400kv.

Here is the thread for reference: