How to transmit sensor information (or camera information) to Ground Station

Okay, so I asked a similar question here: Sending a Custom Mavlink Message

But since that wasn’t really getting any replies, I thought that I would make my question more general. I know there are at least some people here who have used their Navio2 to transmit some kind of sensor information from their drone/plane/robot to their ground station computer, whether it is ultrasonic sensor data or camera feeds or something that is not “standard Ardupilot information”.

So my question is… how are you people doing this? Since nobody seemed to reply to my Sending a Custom Mavlink Message post, I am assuming that most people here do not attempt to mess around with Mavlink messages.

Do most people just use separate antennas? (One for Mavlink telemetry and one for data from external sensors) Because I am trying to use 1 antenna for all communications between ground station and my robot (if possible), so I would rather not resort to using a separate antenna for transmitting external sensor data.

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