How to download data from emlid RS2+

I figured out to bluetooth to download data from the RS to a laptop. How do I access the internal head memory by connecting directly to a desktop pc?

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It’s not possible to access the internal memory of the device by connecting to a PC. To download data from Reach, you need to use ReachView 3 app. You can check more in our guide here.

Also, I see that you use BLE. It works fine for real time lightweight messages. Usually, log files are heavy and exporting them over BLE can take a lot of time. So, I’d suggest connecting to the device via Wi-Fi or Reach hotspot to download the data.

Anna, thank you for responding. What is BLE?.

“BLE” = Bluetooth Low Energy.

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Dave is right. I thought from your first post that you connect to your device via Bluetooth (BLE).

Also, I forgot to mention that you can download logs from the Reach on PC via Reach Panel. For this, just enter Reach’s IP in the address bar of any browser and download files you need.

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