How to convert output solution file from XYZ to LLH - Help needed

Hi all, I have toggled on the data logging in my Reach rover unit ( but not the Reach base station). I accidentally selected output format as XYZ instead of LLH in the app.

Now the files I have on hand are the XYZ solution file, the raw data UBX file, and the correction RTCM3 file. All files are downloaded from the Rover unit. I urgently need the LLH data for my school project. Is there any way to recover the LLH data from the files I have? Really appreciate your advice.

I think, that you can just post-process your UBX file and get everything in LLH. Try using RTKLib and base log file and you will get everything correct.

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There are also several online-tools that can do this for you.

Good day, I alredy tried reading the RTKLIB documentation to do post -processing but was unable to get any useful output. Do I actually need any log files from the base station ? All my log files are from the rover unit, not the base station.

Are you able to share the step by step procedures to convert my rover UBX file to LLH solution file ?

Hi there, my usual workflow is to the LLH output and visualise it in RTKplot. The online tools I found are only useful for converting one set of coordinates at a time, it is not useful for converting a CSV file with thousands of coordinates

I didn’t see QGIS on the page so forgive if I missed something. You should be able to bring a very large CSV file into into QGIS as a shapefile on a specific projection and then export it back out on another.

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Follow chascoadmin reply. You should be able to reproject your CSV file in different CRS with QGIS. If you are familiar with R, you can do it there too.

If you want to do post-processing of the rover data, you will definitely need base log file. After it, try using my tool for getting points back from your log file. You can find it here:

Just input your pos file and csv file and you are ready to go.

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So to recap the suggested solutions:

  1. Use any software tool to transform the existing XYZ solutions in your POS file into LLH (QGIS, GUI program; R, language; proj4, Python library; etc.

  2. Use RTKCONV to convert the UBX and RTCM3 files to RINEX, then use RTKPOST to post-process the RINEX files into a new LLH POS file.

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