How to build Arducopter 3.3.3 on Navio2

Hi, guys,
I am currently setting up my hexa build with the Navio2, I followed the instructions in the docs and everything was fine. I built APM:Copter automatically and I got V3.4 -RC4. However, I want to use the stable V3.3.3 version. How do I chose it? What procedure should I follow?

Here I see that V3.3.3 is the latest stable build for Navio:

Thanks a lot, greetings from Bulgaria!


I guess you need:

git clone
git checkout Copter-3.3
git submodule init
git submodule update

not sure whether ./waf build was already existing there.
From here you need to either chose between make navio* or ./waf configure --board=navio*

Okay, but at the second command it gives an error:
fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

Something else? To be fair, I am not very strong with Linux … :confused:

@toncho Hi! There’s no support for Navio2 in 3.3.3 as it was launched after the release.

So there is no chance to build stable version for navio2 .
If not then what’s the use of navio2 compare to pixhawk auto pilot it has both stable and beta version as user choice
We can go for it…

So, I guess, I would have to wait for the next stable … !? :frowning:

@toncho I thing soo …how long will it take???

In future emlid team should make easy procedure to build stable as well as beta version to be simple as like pixhawk autopilot…

Sorry for the inconvenience, we just preferred to work on the upcoming version instead of the old one. There will be a choice soon :slight_smile: 3.4 stable is almost ready.

3.4 stable version is already released, now its possible to upload 3.4 stable version on navio2

@Kalai_Selvan we will update everything soon :slight_smile: you also can get it right now manually from

@ mikhailavkhimenia i try it soon and get back to you

Thank you

Thanks for the information. Please, can you confirm the HowTo instal new firmware?

Can we rely on the Mission planner load firmware procedure (choose custom firmware) via UDP connect?


[quote=“Kalai_Selvan, post:10, topic:4023, full:true”]
3.4 stable version is already released, now its possible to upload 3.4 stable version on navio2
[/quote]That’s good news. Will try it soon!

No, loading firmware from Mission Planner does not work with Linux Ardupilot boards.

You can simply do an upgrade like described here:

Also, please check this thread with the beta of the new image:

Thanks Mikhail,

Update is OK with command line.

I also installed new SdCard with Beta ROS.