How many telemetry options available in Navio

We at Airborne Projects have been working with the Navio and we have quite some use for the Mavlink telemetry outputs.

The problem is that we only seem to find 1 secondary telemetry source from the documentation. Is there any way to add additional virtual secondary telemetry ports, like for each -C ?

Thank you
Paulo Neves
Airborne Projects

Hello Paulo,

You can use socat utility to create as many telemetry streams as you need.
There are a lot of socat usage examples on the internet that may show how to use it with serial, udp, tcp, etc.

Hey Mikhail,

The problem of socat is that for instance multiple GCS applications will be sending commands at the same time confusing each other. Most of the GCS code I have seen does not differentiate by sys_id or component_id.

The possibility to customize the SR_* parameters for each telemtry virtual port is what I am really interest in. Specially for the project i am developing, [the SmartPort to Mavlink converter][1], where a specific set of SR_* parameters configurations optimizes the latency of the updates.

Strangely while testing the above project we found that the communications in the primary telemetry “virtual” port spilled to the secondary one, which led us to work around the issue but left us wondering how a third party in the communication may disrupt our MAVLink transactions.

Paulo Neves
Airborne Projects
[1]: MavLink to FrSky SmartPort Converter