How can I set up a WLAN static IP on Reach

Hi All,

I am using my Reach devices and love them.

I am wanting to use the WiFi connection on a closed network that does not use a DHCP server.

Can someone please help me with instructions that I might use to be able to set the Reach up with a Static IP and known gateway so that it can connect to my WLAN?

I will also need to set the SSID and required encryption also.

I am running the latest firmware and Reach view v2.2.7

Kind Regards to you all


I think @bide has a description here
BTW. Latest Reachview is 2.5.3


Is it as simple as this?

Will this really set a static IP for WLAN0 everytime the Reach is started?

What about the gateway and subnet settings as well as the SSID and encryption?


Hi again,

Ok I added the settings above changing the IP to one number higher to test it works and rebooted the GPS.

It came back on with the same IP it was previously so it did not work for me.

Any other ideas?


Not sure, have not tested it my self yet. @bide might have an idea?

I have not tried it myself, but the search terms “edison static IP” gave a couple of good links, so I would try what they did:



I cant thank you enough.

I have been struggling with this for awhile now.

Thanks to everyone who assisted.



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