Help with missing Fix (and Float too...)

I’m trying to have a working setup with a single Reach RTK configured as rover getting NTRIP corrections.
“So far so bad” never experienced a Fix neither a Float solution.
Reach stuck in Single and I’m suspecting there’s some incompatibility with the caster I’m getting corrections from.
Some picture of my setup:

and ReachView configuration

Firmware image and ReachView version are up-to date (just re-flashed and updated reachview to 2.9.3)

similar issue here:

is not similar, it’s the SAME.
Thank you @bide, I’ve searched across the forum but not noticed this thread.
I hope that someone from Emlid will start to analyse this issue

We are in a similar position, although trying to get a fix with a Reach RS Base and Rover

I was reading your post as it might throw light on our issue.


The corrections are not coming through for some reason. First, I would suggest to try RTCM2. Maybe this caster just works in another format. If this does not help, PM me with caster details, I’ll take a look.

@steve.ARV your issue is a different one, I’ve responded in your thread.

Hi guys,
I’ve definitively found the source of my issue which is in the caster itself.

Today I’ve set up another one (for Italian guys, ItalPos from Leica) and quickly get a Float and then some sporadic Fixes.

My next big problem now is how to fine tune the satellite reception to get a stable Fix.

@egor.fedorov I think will be anyway useful to debug the log file I’ve sent to you to understand which type of mismatch Reach RTK has with that caster, don’t you think so?

Thanks anybody for the help


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