Height settings in known point


I am a little in doubt about some height settings in Emlid Studio.
I am processing drone data from our DJI M3E with RTK-module. I have had our Emlid RS2+ logging as a base in a known point during the flight.
I import the RINEX-file from the Emlid base and I manually set the lat, long and height of the known point.
My question is then if I should turn the antenna height off in the settings, or if I should set the reciever type and the actual antenna height?

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Hi @RKN ,

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If you’ve already set up your Antenna height in Emlid Flow, you don’t need to set it up in Emlid Studio. After importing the base’s RINEX file, Emlid Studio will apply all the needed values: antenna type and measured height.

If you missed the Emlid Flow step to set the antenna height in the Logging tab, you should specify it manually in Emlid Studio with the Edit button.

You can find more details about the workflow in this thread.

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